How to Takeover / Handover Design Solution

How to Takeover / Handover Design Solution

In a typical I.T. outsourcing environment, project solution architect normally drafts the solution and then pass to the project team for implementation. Once project deliverable achieved, the project will then be handed over to the operation team.

To take over from the solution architect, there are many activities, checklists. Having a checklist is a formality procedure, however, as a project manager, have you really review the solution prior execution? Or you fully have confident on the solution.

Projects can fail for multiple reasons. It could be lack of resources, little budget, little time and many tough scope requirements.

For some, projects can even fail to proceed, partly because of the solution is not working.

Recently, a Project Manager (Richard) encountered a case of project solution not drafted correctly and he proceeded to implement the solution. Richard faced many obstacles during the implementation.

There are many items to look out for in a solution, such asĀ 

  • Service level agreement between customer and provider not matched
    Meaning the support team has 2 days turnaround time, whereas the contract states a 2 hour response time. Thus there is support timing mismatch.
  • Support team engagementĀ 
    Lack of support team engagement. Solution architect only drafts the implementation solution but has not cater cost for support team to be involved.
  • If the support comes from regional, is the Support team support hours able to cover the operation
    Support team is located at a different country in a different time zone. Thus there might be no assistance from support team when there is request.
Above are some obvious solution flaws. Maybe due to inexperienced solution architect or past lessons not learned.
As a project manager, you have to ensure the whole solution quality is covered such as pre, during & post implementation work.
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