Black Belt Coaching Program

Black Belt Coaching Program

Customer: Dennis, how come the project end up not what I asked for? Instead of 9 months project, you had spent additional 3 months more to deliver the project. To make matter worst, you had over spent the approved 700K project budget by another 200K. What projects are you managing?

Customer commented that the project was not well managed. Many issues unresolved. Not delivering the required scope, late delivery and overspent approved budget.

Do you feel like not able to manage projects properly? Are you feeling frustrated that the project is not meeting the approved scope within schedule and worse, overspent your approved project budget.

Have you encounter the above scenarios? Do you feel frustrated about the situation?

I have helped

  • many current project managers that faced issues.
  • freshies who are eager to board to this industry
  • existing working adults who want to change their career

Now I want to help more people like you to make a breakthrough in managing projects. Many people who approach me have the common problems. They seek help for various reasons such as…

  • Not sure how to get started as a project manager
  • Unable to communicate with project stakeholders
  • learn how to start their first project and deliver within scope, budget and timeline
  • know how to promote themselves to their stakeholders
  • stuck with limiting beliefs / mental blocks
  • bounce ideas and validation about their project plans

After attending one session with me, they left with the Eureka effect (ie the sudden, unexpected realisation of the solution to a problem)

They got clarity.
They know which direction to go.
They were able to move past their obstacles.
They discovered their gifts.

For some, I did more..
I share my proven template that works for many industries
I share experiences, lessons learned and common pitfalls with them.
I give them ideas on how to execute a project kick-off

I have helped these people. Now I want to help more people like you to make a breakthrough in managing satisfactory successful projects.

How can I help you?

  • I have more than 20 yers in Information Technology Project Management. I can share you some project management ideas that not many shared publicly.
  • I can share you some tips to turn any red projects to a green projects.
  • Most importantly can suggest you some tips to get good customers feedback.

Click on the links below so that wherever you are. My tips are available for you.

Here’s what my clients said: