Motivate or Inspire

Motivate or Inspire

Are you a motivator or a person that inspires when the team morale is down and hitting many issues / roadblocks.
When the team member hits any technical issues, is the project manager there to motivate the team to move on and press on.
Though the project manager is not the subject matter expert, the team member will feels much better with some encouraging and motivational words. Project Manager can escalate project issues to some domain expert to reduce impact. The project team can then concentrate in delivering the other assigned tasks.
Most of the times, you can see that there isn’t much motivational words from managers. They will just press you to deliver the assigned task and seeking you to deliver the soonest the better. They are not there to encourage, they are there to discourage or de-moralize the team instead. Some senior stakeholder will keeps pressing when will the project be completed?

In my opinion, as a manager or leader, do provide timely encouraging words to team when they have perform a good job. This will reduce any friction and create a better rapport.

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