Project : S.E.X

How many of you will think that I will be touching on the gender topics.

I attended a speaking club recently, there are many veterans and novices. Some are delivering their maiden speeches while some attend meetings to have an observant mindset.

After the meetings, my takeaways is 1 word: SEX.

What it means:

1. Sharpen your skill
You have to sharpen your speaking skills.
Takes time to practice
Grab every opportunities to speak

2. Experience
You have to experience the speaking process to taste the fruits of joy.

3. X-Ray focus on your thoughts
Organize your thoughts in 3 simple steps: Open, Body, Ending.
Opening – You need to have a good opening to Arrest audience attention, (used of triads)
Body – structured speech body to Arouse audience
Ending – Attract Audience attention till the last words you spoke.