Work Versus Hobbies – Part 2

Work Versus Hobbies – Part 2

Do you find your work monotonous, routine and you have to face or smile
to your boss even if you don’t feel like it?

Do you find traveling to office is sometimes a chore?

Spending time and money on traveling and transportation can sometime be frustrating.
Waiting time; hot weather; wet weather; long traveling time,
squeezing yourself in the same transport etc.

Not only the above, you could only got your salary at the end of the month.
Thus you are trading your time and effort with the fixed amount of dollars.

Let’s be brutally honest…have you wonder what is the objective of working?
In my opinion, everybody is working for the 3 meals that served on the table.
To get enough money so as to support the family.

Do you live to eat or eat to live?

Why make our lives so miserable to exchange the amount of paycheck?

Instead of spending more time with your family and friends, you are spending more time
in office to trade for money.

Although you can still get your fixed regular amount of paycheck at the end of the month,
won’t it be great if there is another opportunity for you to work from home and
get the same or more income?

You will Work once and get paid quickly.
The amount could be double, triple or even higher than what you had expected or
asked for during your full time employment.

The answer is to work for your hobbies.
What are your hobbies? Internet surfing, gardening or chess playing?

Working for hobbies is different because you are doing something that you like.
You will find utmost pleasure in what you are doing.

My hobby is to surf the web.

After surfing the Internet for a while, I find that it is quite boring.
Either going for search engines, web email, various websites, blogs and others.
I find its not so exciting after all.

Then I ponder to myself, since there is an increase in Internet citizens,
why not monetize something when I am surfing the web?

With the current financial crisis, this idea began stronger and more concrete.
Whatever I have, try to monetize my hobbies…

As there is a saying, “Every journey starts with the first step.”
Thus I try to build my own website, affiliate marketing, ebay and some other money making tools.

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