Internet Business

Internet Business

If most people are into Internet business, who will be doing the operational work

In your area, district, state, circle of friends, neighborhood, wherever is. There is a group of people who feels secure if they have a job. In every job industry, there are always the fresh school leavers, new migrants that will be keen to take up the physical job.

Some people were brought up in a traditional way. They were mould when they were young. That once you were born, you got to go study, get yourself a degree, go for a good job, start a family and then retire at an good old age. However, this theory is no longer true in this society and generation.

Some do not have interest in the Internet, or they don’t feel comfortable to have the ‘e-money’.
Instead they are more comfortable in cashing the physical notes from the machine/ teller.

For those people who are more adventurous, they will explore other means to earn extra or more income. Either they take up extra part-time jobs, investing in stocks & options, or some other means.

Whatever your comfort level is, there are always ways for you to make extra money.

For some reasons, Internet may be one of the ways for you to generate extra income easier. It has low risk, low capital, easier to cope.

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