Wage Cut

Wage Cut

The National Wage Council had informed companies
to stick to their wage and bonus reduction guidelines.

They had urged employers, unions and the
government to press on with concerted actions
to cut costs, save jobs and enhance competitiveness.

Due to the high living standard, many people wanted
to remain the existing or desire for a better salary

One of my friends, Michael, had tried to reduce his
employment wages in order to support his family.
However his current low wage could not sustain for long.

As per writing, Michael is still looking for another job.
His wage is not enough for him to sustain a family of
5 that includes 3 young primary children who are
still schooling.

Wages had further been cut and reduced tremendously.
However, there were always no sign of reinstate
to the original level prior of the wage cut, even
though the economy was in healthy state.

Many companies are reducing their wage payout.
Companies for example, like Hewlett Packard,
had already mentioned that they will reduced their
wage payout by percentage depending on the seniority
in the company.

Another friend of mine, Victor was affected and his
salary was cut 5% in the recent exercise.

What are you going to do if you are hit with wage cut?

Will you start to look for another stream of income if
the main source is impacted?

Are you affected by the recent recession?
Appreciate your comments.


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