Are you generous in your Project Recognition?

Are you generous in your Project Recognition?

Every human loves to have some recognition. A simple recognition would motivate a team member to move things ahead with pride and honor.

However, not many people know how to appreciate another person. In a Corporate world, a customer survey is a form of giving feedback to the person who serves you. And yet many people will simply put a low grade to rate the service. To make things worse, they add in unfriendly comment to the survey.

It does real hurt to receive feedback especially those hurting ones when a project team member had contributed so much to the project. And there is no positive compliment but negative feedback.

In fact, such comments are very subjective. It all depends on the emotional feelings of the one that gives the comment. If that day, he was having a bad day, you could see that the survey rating will not be good. It will be unfair, no matter how great the contribution was for the work or the service that was been rendered. You will get marvellous remark when he is in good mood or you are told to include in good comments only.

Sometimes, a bad verbal remark is good enough to de-moralise someone. There was a project manager that I knew. He had literally ‘condemn’ another peer project manager in his cohort. The remarks given were not that helpful and were hurting. The tonality was rude and demanding.

It is easy to give such comments to another person. However, have you consider the recipient’s feeling? It is very hurting and unacceptable to someone who receives such negative comments.

On the other hand, there are some minority who really appreciates your work and contribution. They will give you a high rating for your work. The positive remarks given were so strong that it really spurs you to move ahead. The comments were so encouraging that anyone who receives it will work even harder and achieve better result.

Because there are such people who really knows how to appreciate someone’s contribution and hard work. It does spikes someone spirit.

Lessons Learn: All of us are human beings. Based on individual’s expectation, some may have been ill-treated previously thus they would demand high standard from others. Even animals also love to be recognized for their fun work. Constant recognition is crucial and it does spur someone to move on and provide an even better result. Do recognize one’s effort.

Have you seen someone not being recognize for their work? Love to hear from you .. Do share your comments.

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