Project Manager Ethics and Personal Development

Project Manager Ethics and Personal Development

In the process of managing a project, there will be times that the project team members may not be able to deliver what they are supposed to deliver. Team members could be internal team, vendors, and relevant stakeholders.

As a project manager, you need to be tactful and not get emotional over the matter. You need to look at things from the different perspective. Of course, this member is accountable for the project delivery delayed schedule. However, you should instead understand the situation and know why is there a delivery delay? Is there any dependable event that causes the team member not able to execute the activity? Find out the reason before coming to a conclusion.

Be sensible when communicating with project member who is not able to execute the activity on time. I suppose this team member is already feeling bad for not able to deliver the task or activity. Do remember that human beings do have feelings. If a Project Manager will to blame the team member, there will be some percussion. For some people, they will turn the remarks to energy and come out a better result the next time round. On the other hand, some member will keep these remarks in their heart and bear grudges against the Project Manager, thus causing unnecessary conflicts.

Instead follow a simple saying. “Reprimand in private, Recommend in public”.

This way, the team member will feel energized to perform better so as to get recognition from the project manager in future when he indeed outperform. Obviously, the project manager should know when to compliment (give carrot) and when to criticize (issue a cane).

There are also come special case, that the team member is trying to delay the project. As a Project Manager, you should try and see whats the rationale behind all this? Is it because of the true situation that not able to move forward or there is some hidden obstacles that not able to clear.

Project Manager has to come in and resolve the situation. Thus ethics do come in and not many Project Manager can really handle such things, including myself.

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  1. yes – situations could sometimes be demanding for teams to cope – it is always wise for the PM to work alongside with them. Don’t blame, don’t reprimand – and instead work alongside to resolve the issue together.

  2. Thanks Maureen for the wise feedback.

    Please help to spread the link & messages to your friends so they can benefit too 🙂
    Am sourcing for more project lessons learned that were unheard so that the rest can benefit.

  3. I’ve been looking about this specific topic all this while, glad I found it in your website!

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