Which would you choose – Lead by Example or Lead by Influence

Which would you choose – Lead by Example or Lead by Influence

If you are experienced in certain skills or certain expertise, it’s good to share your knowledge tactfully and not using your knowledge to tarnish others.

It is easy to tarnish and hurt others feelings but its even more time consuming and take up more effort to heal the feelings.

It’s alright that you are in the leadership role if you are experienced. And it should be that you are rewarded to be in the leader role. However, if you do not lift the rest of the team up, you are just not a good leader. You are merely a good manager – “One who manages well” but not leading well.

Some people lead by example, while some people lead by influence.

For those who led by influence, they will influence others to follow him because of good relationship. Of course nowadays, network is one of the thing. However, the true self reveals when the person is not able to deliver.

On the other hand, if you lead by example, everyone can see and be able to feel that you are deserved to be respected for your true quality and caliber.

It is easy to lead by influence, just say some good sweet words and stir other feelings. However, leading by example is not easy. The true leadership character will shine and prove to the team that he is one that can be followed and work for. Every other team members will be motivated to respect and follow his instructions. As a true leader, you have to lead the team in the forefront so that the team members will follow your steps. The team members will eventually know that you are able to protect them and not worsen the situation.

Lesson Learn: Which would you choose – Lead by Example or Lead by Influence.

Some members like to listen to good words and be easily followed a leader with great influence. However, when turbulent comes, this leader may not able to help.

On the other hand, a person that leads by example will surely wins many people to his side. His actions speak louder than words. And many people will respect this kind of people.

In the practical world, how many can you detect that there is a leader beside them that leads by influence or a true leader that leads by example. Not many can detect easily.

As for me, I would choose to follow those who lead by example. However, I am also quite disturbed if the one that I followed over-doing it. Lead by example by trying to act smart and worsen the situation. That is not a good thing. Will elaborate more in my next post.

Hope you are able to detect those people around you soon. Please leave a comment if there is such an occasion happening to you.


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