How to Drive Internet Traffic Through Article Writing

How to Drive Internet Traffic Through Article Writing

Many friends that I knew were not well versed in how to drive Internet traffic to their websites.

Some of them are not I.T. savvy. They had attended some Internet Guru course or learned through self taught materials. Because of the lack of basic I.T. foundation, thus there were many hiccups and walls that they faced.

Even some who were I.T. savvy might not be able to pick up the logic in the first try. They need to study for a while and then be able to pick up the logic and theory behind.

In order to drive Internet traffic to your website, there are a couple of ways to do. You can do blogging, video creation, podcast and article writing. Talking about article writing, there are a couple of pointers to include before Internet traffic can be generated.

I have included some, hope it helps.

1. You need to have a niche topic or an interesting topic

Create a topic that is interesting to others. The ideal topics are those that you are comfortable to write. Don’t write something that you are not well versed with.

2. 2-3 points to elaborate

Do not write a long and massive content. Elaborate 2 to 3 interesting points from your niche topic. If you write long sentences, many readers will find it too lengthen and boring. Write to an extent that the readers would like to find out more from you. And then you stop at where the highest peak of the rhythm. You should keep the reader’s attention at suspense. Keep them asking for more details. The readers will then be very eager to read more of your subsequent related topics.

3. Call to action to assess your website (Squeeze Page , Product Page)

Once the readers are eager to read more of your article, you inform them that the next interesting topic could be found in your website. Thus you had created a hook to the user. Readers will then access your website, if you asked them to do so.

4. Put in Interesting Bio in Resource Box

Within the resource box created, provide a brief introduction of yourself. Remember the main objective: Put in your website link (squeeze page, or product page link) at the end of the article.

5. Put in or submit a few more similar topics

Once you have done the above, you are almost complete. If there are many people reading your article, then search engine will pick up and ranked your article accordingly. If any of the above mentioned topics are not fulfilled, then the search engine will placed your article in a lower rank in their search.

As far as I know, you can’t insert your website link to the search engine. Good Search Engine does have a highly sophisticated searching mechanism to go round the Internet and pick up the good keywords. If your keyword is popular, the searching mechanism will lock down your website link and store in their database. Thus if your link is getting more popular, your website link will ascend to the top rank.

Thus to drive traffic to your website is not that difficult. The concern: Is the topics title and content are interesting for the readers to keep coming back to search for your other articles?

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