What is your Human Motivation?

What is your Human Motivation?

When I ask people to participate, not many people would want to.

But if I will to say, anybody who participates in the game or questions will have $50. Immediately, everyone starts to wake up, because there is a strong and interesting motivation.

Human beings behave the same. If they are not motivated, they will not participate and not cooperate with you. However, if both of you are having the same goal. Then you will see the motivation spikes up. The atmosphere starts to change.

Take for another example, a salesperson. The sales person is only keen to make sales in order to sustain his/her position in the company.  He/she is not keen in your internal affairs. Where there is opportunity to make sales, he/she will be there. Thus if you are interested to buy products/services from a salesperson, his/her service to you will be fantastic. He/she will give you all the information that you need so that it gives you the ease to buy service/products from him/her. Of course some salespeople will be-friend with you so that you can refer more deals to him/her.

Lessons Learned: Different people will have various interests / motivation to obtain certain objectives. Some interest is to sustain their employment position while some interest is to gain more power in the company. Whatever the motivation is, let’s achieve it.

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