Is Age catching up?

Is Age catching up?

You are very sure you know the project processes. You are also very firm and understood the project procedures. However, you still commit the mistakes. Have you told yourself, what could have happen to you?

To kill my curiosity, I asked around to check and verify my findings. To my surprised, many peers of my cohort & aged group do have the same situations that I am facing. They also do not know what they are doing in their workplace. Some of them are professionals, highly sound professionals, Directors of companies etc.

Am I hitting the mid life crisis or into the old aged senile stage? I wonder why and what could have happen to me.

Lessons Learned: When you are tasked to do anything, quickly jot it down into your most accessible notes. Be it a jotter book, PC, laptop, iPhones, iPad, smart-phones or whatever things that can help you to remember.  Take necessary actions to fulfill the task quickly before you forget. Or else our performance will be wrongly judged. Always.

The young ones are catching up. Thus the old ones will be retire soon….

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