Tips to Management and Technical Presentation

Tips to Management and Technical Presentation

How often do you present progress updates to Technical team.

Is your project update boring  to the Management?

Do you know their presentation style is different?

Let me share my experience.

Technical Presentation

When you are presenting a new workflow to a group of technical team members including the project manager peers, your message has to be clear and precise. In order to transmit the message across, be careful of the choice of words, speaking tonality and body language when you are sharing.


If the explanation is filled with ambiguity, you are actually inviting a series of questions from the team requesting to clarify certain points. Your sharing session will stretch instead.


If you are the impatient, snappy type who wants to get things done fast, your speaking skill is put into test. You will be agitated because of the clarity these people wanted. People will have different level of understanding. Sharing session time extended because of the number of questions that you have to entertain or answer.


Emotionally, if you are rained with many questions most of the time, you tend to be defensive. You want to guard your work, and continue with the presentation. Subconsciously, your speaking tonality will change; you will possibly be speaking with high pitch and aggressive tone. You may also speak louder because you are irritated. You choice of words used will also be aggressive and hostile.


Recipient are sensitive, once they sense the tonality, words from the presenter, they will either shut off their mind or not contribute further to the meeting. Thus the meeting will not be a fruitful session.


Management Communication

Contrary, when you are presenting project updates to the management level, your presentation style has to be different. You will present with chunk up language. Your language and words used will be of higher level, summarized instead of nitty gritty details. Ideally, you need to update the project in a few words and able to give a full picture to the management team.


Management people are busy; they tend to bring along their emails on their mobile phone. If you do not catch their attention, many other unrelated business thoughts will come to their mind. Management will then raise some scenarios or ask many clueless questions. This will add more difficulty to the presentation.


Thus, as a presenter, you have to be clear and precise with your facts and at the same time be able to chunk up or down your presentation language according to your audience needs.

Presenting to both technical members and Management are of two different world. You should be able to communicate with 2 levels of audience comfortably. All such presentation comes with experience and many practices.

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