Project Accountability

Project Accountability

pointingThere are project members that don’t like to take responsibility and accountability.
Each time when an issue occurred, project members will point to project manager to solve the issues.
Each time an operational query happens, the operation manager will claims that the project team has not completed the deliverable.
2 scenarios to illustrate my point
Scenario 1:
A programmer was tasked to program some code to solve a request.
However, once the programmer cannot solve the code, He will seek the project manager to resolve.
Saying the request is difficult and not that easy as it seems.
Project Manager is not a subject matter expert. How can a Project Manager solve a technical request?
The programmer should take the accountability to find ways to get the code programmed. Programmer can find other means like: seeking help from other programmer, search similar solutions from Internet, forum, community and so forth. Instead of finding ways to resolve the request, the programmer starts to pass the accountability back to the project manager.
Project Manager task is to manage project, ensure the project delivered the agreed scope, spend within budget, delivered within schedule, resolve the risks and issues.
Isn’t solving technical issues be the programmer accountability? If the technical code is resolved by the project manager, what is the significance of the programmer. Why is he existing in the project team?
Once a task is delegated, team member should work to achieve it. Seek help and work as a team. It is so easy and irresponsible to just pass the blame and accountability to others.
Every team member should be accountable over their work and domain. If not, what is the contribution that you have for the project ?
Scenario 2:
A I.T. Operation manager took over the project from the project team for almost 12 months.
Project Team briefed and transferred the knowledge to the Operation Team during the handing and taking over session. Both signed off.
After 12 months, Operation Manager should be familiar with the billing frequency, daily operations, helpdesk tickets and so forth. Though not the subject matter expert, but should be able to make decisions if there are any questions escalated to him.
Unfortunately, this Operation Manager pointed the escalated issue to the Project Manager. Claiming that the issue started because the project team had delivered an incomplete solution.
Thinking back, the Operation Manager had already taken over the tasks for a period of time, didn’t he discover any issues during his operation?
Bottom line: Operational Manager had not taken the accountability and responsibility to own the issue. Instead of solving the issue, he pointed the blame to other party. There are always people of such nature, no matter what prestige organization he come from.
Working members will definitely feel very disappointed with his actions. Instead of getting decision, blaming game was the answer.
Many people are engaged by company to solve issues and not to start blaming other.
Blaming game can never ends. The job still needs to be done by someone.
Shoulder the issue, solve as a team and you will earned some credits from peers too.
I love to hear your feedback, comments.

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