Staff Motivation for Appraisal

Staff Motivation for Appraisal

Wane works hard for the company, diligent in his work and work double hard to serve his internal customers.

Unfortunately, during the year-end appraisal phase, his supervisor did not appreciate Wane’s work. Supervisor lectured Wane that his performance throughout the year was not met. Not able to meet certain level of KPI.

How would the staff feel?

  • Feel bad, lousy and possibly angry
  • Demoralised
  • Work so hard and yet not appreciated by superior

What would the staff possibly do?

  • Since supervisor does not appreciate the work contributed, he/ she will do lesser work in future
  • Look around for a better, greener pasture
  • Feeling frustrated and won’t give his/her best

What’s the Learning?

  • Be appreciative and supportive to the staffs
  • Communication skills to sooth the human’s behaviour
  • Motivate and not demoralise the staffs, lecturing won’t help to resolve problem
  • Look into the issues prior commenting any negatives
  • Not easy to manage humans; easier to manage machines.

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