Without Resource is similar as no five senses

Without Resource is similar as no five senses

Like the saying goes, too many cooks will spoil the broth.

Thus, in a project management team, you will required the experienced resources so as to achieve your project goals.

If your team consists of irrelevant resources to help in the project.
It does not prove that you are superb. It just says that you are not proficient in using your resources.

If there are any irrelevant resources, you should re-deploy them to other projects so that the resources are leveraged.

Resources such as manpower, budget, knowledge, equipment, power, authority and so forth.
If a project manager is not able to use such resources, he will not be able to deliver a good project.

On the contrary, if a project manager is able to make use of his resources to deliver a project. He will be able to check his resources efficiency. The project manager will free up more time to tackle much difficult problems.

How to managed good resources?

Check the resources utilization, ensure they are not overly consumed. If there is any over consumed, try to off-load the resources to other. Such as if your team member is overloaded with issues, any new fault tickets will have to ask someone else to take over, so that your team member is able to finish the jobs.

This also motivates the team to strive harder for the project.

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