Project Motivation

Project Motivation

Project team from 2 different perspectives do have different motivation.

Vendor Project Management would like to quickly finish the project so that they can get the payment from client. Sometimes, the quality of the deliverable is not favorable. Cos they are keen to get as many deals as possible so that their job positions are funded by projects.

As a client project manager, they would have a different perspective. Since the investment is already been made, they would like to ensure the quality is adhered to. Thus much documentation is reinforced.

Some vendor PMs that I known are little sloppy. They initiated the project abruptly and execute the activities in unprofessional manner. To make matter worse, they don’t practice documentation until they are informed by the client to do so.

Client PM do have a pre-defined project management process to follow. They would like to have the project to be delivered accordingly to process. They have Governance to ensure the process are followed.

Some sales team committed a good short lead time to the client and thus in turn giving a short delivery time for the project team to execute or deliver the service. This thus causes the project manager much stress to finish within the agreed schedule.

Client PM do not like to rush projects. They are running the projects systematically with process. There is internal Governance to monitor the projects.

Some vendor PMs are experienced but are not practicing the standard Project Management methodology. They don’t use project plans, avoid the massive documentation, no risk, issues log. All they used are by experience and their gut feel. If their mood is good, they outperform else they do the minimum.

Client PMs are encouraged to get them certified and understand what the rights, duties and responsibilities. Most of the project managers are now well-trained and certified to execute projects in a certain manner and fashion.

Vendor PM’s motivation is to get many project assignments. Deliver the project quickly so that they can close the project and get the payment.

Client PM’s motivation is to get the project done well and within time and budget

Some pre-sales consultant will over-quote the client for the work to be delivered. Hoping the client will overlook the pricing and accept the quotation. Some tactics will be giving discounted on products and restored their revenue loss in other parts of the quotation, say professional service etc.

Thus a client PM needs to be detailed enough to vet through the quotation and understand what the quotation tells about the project. This is to ensure the project cost is within control.

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