Project Hand over

Project Hand over

How do you normally hand over the project once you complete all the needed tasks?


Do you hand over a project with just a piece of paper with some contacts and some architecture diagram? Explanation is just superficial level.


Either the successor understanding is insufficient or the hand over is not comprehensive. When you are doing the handing over, the person who is leaving the project needs to ensure the person to take over understands fully everything.


Although the project manager wants to close the project and move on to the next one, however, if the project is not handed over gracefully and with completeness. Then the project successor will sure to come back and haunt for more information and clarification. These will detriment both parties, as the time spent will be much longer and unfruitful.


Rather spend 2-3 times to explain the project thoroughly, ensure the person to take over understands the project fully.


Though each person’s ability to understand a project is different. To avoid being ‘haunted’ in future, the person leaving the project should surrender everything he/she knows to the successor. Little details should not be missed. Issues, risks, actions, agreements etc. are to be documented and passed to the successor.


There are times that people refused to understand. They choose selective listening. If there are substantial project documents to proof your work, assuming its easy to be reference. The successor should be able to understand and work out from there.

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