Meeting Time Management

Meeting Time Management

What would you think if your boss is a Project Management trained and he fails to stop his meeting on time?

As an experienced and trained project manager, time management is always a crucial component. You can say that chasing after schedule has become a part of his life.

After a while practicing chasing others for deliver things fast, you will tend to be very time sensitive. Any team member that delays the product/ service on time, you will start following up with emails, telephone etc.

Once the manager promotes to a higher level, the time management seems a little distant. He will start criticising every little fault, wants to improve every processes, penalise team member for poor performance etc. He will start to call up team meeting to practise his skills.

If the team’s performance quality is sliding, then it is all right for the manager to start shaking everyone’s mind. However, he needs to keep a look-out for his time too.

If manager have scheduled an hour to conduct the meeting. It is always much appreciated that the meeting be disused and complete within the stipulated time. If the meeting goes on and on and even continues for a few alternate days. The team member will not be motivated to attend the future meetings. It will be just a waste of time listening to negative comments.

Have you met such a person in your environment?

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