How To Clock PDU’s As A Project Management Practitioner

How To Clock PDU’s As A Project Management Practitioner

Project Management Institute (PMI®) encourages its members to continue their professional development by accumulating Professional Development Units (PDUs) via continuing education like training classes, organization meetings, reading books, creating content, volunteering and so forth.

For full details on PDU requirements, look up the Continuing Certification Requirements Handbook (CCR).

Work As Practitioner

Each day, your work in a domain area related to your certification(s) allows you to apply your
knowledge and skills in a practical setting. Using these competencies actively contributes to
sustaining and growing the profession.

  • You can claim Working as Professional PDUs once per certification cycle (once every 3 years)
  • The PDUs claimed in this category count against the maximum PDUs allowed in the
    “Giving Back to the Profession” category


  1. Login to your PMI account
  2. Select Report PDUs
  3. Select “Work as a Practitioner” Option
  4. For Employer: Insert <Your Current Employer Name>
  5. For Job Title: Insert your current Job title
  6. Enter the start and end dates of the employment
  7. For PDUs claimed: 8 PDUs
  8. Enable the Agree checkbox
  9. Submit

Click image for detailed steps in video

If you have any issues claiming your PDUs, please contact for assistance.

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