Having some stressful hints to release yourself? – Part 1

Having some stressful hints to release yourself? – Part 1

Modern economic is advancing day by day. More high-class tall buildings are getting erected within a short time span. Living standards are also ascending steadily. Not forgetting the forthcoming Integrated Resort that is approaching.

In order to maintain the current high living standard, many people tend to work harder to maintain it. Some had also take up multiple jobs to maintain the living standard

Some children are also stressed to submit their homework on time and also not forgetting to attend the extra classes that their parents had registered for them during the school holidays. Children are being pressured to attain better results than their peers. Their school results, manners, achievement are also been compared with their siblings, relatives, friends and others. The children lives are circling to achieve better result and must be better than others. Some of these children are no longer that lively, active as we are in the past.

However, many office workers are stressed up in order to attain these glorious achievements. You can see working adults rushing quickly to workplace in the morning hoping they can finish their daily work on time. While some will stay back in office after office hours so that they can finish off those backlogs.

Adults are stressed to achieve greater results in their work place. Some of them are afraid of their work being outsourced to 3rd party, thus they start to work day and night so as to secure their job. Some adults even bring work home to finish up. Thus stress level had subconsciously stretched to the utmost limits. Because of this, some of them had neglected their precious health and time to spend to de-stress themselves.

With the advancing technology, some office workers who travels quite a fair bit are pampered themselves with the latest technology such as blackberries or some push mail technologies. In order to get themselves abreast of what happening in the office or a clientโ€™s quote request, they will attend to their blackberries even on the road, lunch, in the midst of meetings etc. This thus causes certain level of stress because they have to be in the tip top service so as to maintain the customer service.

On the other hand, some senior citizens do also stress over their health and retirement. Some older citizens stress over their loneliness either their partners are already not around or their children had moved out of the house and avoid seeing them. Their friends are also not agile as they would like to be.

Thus there are different stress levels for various categories.

If you are looking for a quick fix to de-stress yourself, it does not exist. Managing stress can be done at the following.


You could plan for a holiday trip to relax yourself. You can plan to go with your spouse, relatives, or even a few good friends so that you have companions in your trip. With companions, you will then be able to share your joy and things you see along the way with them. With the stories that you share with companions, you tends to focus on your fun stories instead of the stress office work or other things that brings you down. You had actually diverted your attention to other lively things. Hence, you will reduce certain level of stress during the trip. In a vacation, you also have a chance to understand the culture of others. You may plan for multiple short trips like visiting nearby countries during different seasons. Remember to take short breaks; it will recharge you and more resistance to stress. Take time off this holiday season to relax.

More will be shared in my next posts.

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