Team Members Commitment

Team Members Commitment

In any projects, the team comprises of many individuals. As a Project Manager, you have to ensure they are committed to your project.


Some project members that I am aware of are not committed. They make the most noises and contribute many feedback.

However, to seek them to produce results, they start to disappear.


If you are managing corporate projects, the project manager can escalate to the functional team manager about this particular team member behavior.


However, if you are managing some projects that consist of volunteers, not compensation involved. No one owns anyone for a living. They form project team to deliver project because of their passion and interest. If you happen to manage volunteers that like to talk and contribute ideas. It is quite dangerous.


These people tend to make lots of contributions or unnecessary noises. However, if you seek them to do work, they start to give excuses that they are busy. He contribute ideas is for the project benefits.


From surface, it sounds very kind that this member is helping the club. As you know, these people just open their mouth and contribute their concerns. However, they are not helping at all. Project Team is to work together and not just comment and give empty promises. Everyone can contribute ideas but not many are doing the work.


If everyone contributes ideas verbally, then who is responsible in producing the result?


There is a common term.

NATO- No Action, Talk Only.


Normally, if this volunteer is a key team member, I will seek him to produce some result so that every member could benefit from his contribution.


On the contrary, if this volunteer opens his mouth regularly and not producing any result, I will not involve him too much. Since he is not contributing. I will remove his involvement.


If his role is really a key to the project, I will ask for a replacement. If this is a volunteering project, I will not include him in any of the communication.

It may also demoralize the team indirectly.


Of course, there are many ways to tackle such behavior. For now, I will use the above method to treat such NATO team member. If you have other tips, do share it with me.

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