Project Updates

Project Updates

Many a times, project members do not feedback or update the little problems they faced during the course of work. They will sit there and wait for Project Manager to probe them for issues. Some members in fact wait for the severity to happen. The member needs guidance on how to proceed to resolve the issue. The team member did not sound off their problem.

When the time is up, the issue still persists, and was not resolved. This causes the overall project progress to be delayed and timeline missed.

What could be the possible remedy?

1. Project Manager should conduct regular meetings to check on their status.
When there is a regular meeting, issues are surfaced. Team members could then assist in solving the issues. This communication mode helps Project Manager to be aware of the progress. Project manager should also be expecting some risks, such as schedule delays, resource shortage. If there is any backlog of issue, the gap should not be that great.

2. Go round the table or meeting and seek member’s feedback.
Call individual team member (for some project members are shy to speak up in front of crowd) to check their status and see if they need any assistance. Depending on what kind of projects you are managing, some are so focus on the technical delivery that they might have overlooked in providing any feedback. Some are basically act like king to be invited to give feedback.

Project Manager could treat this as a project status check. At the same time, this is also a sign of concern, are project team coping well in their project delivery.

However, are there such Project Managers around? No meetings, no feedback, no communication.


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