Are You Communicating With Specific

Are You Communicating With Specific

When there is a need to explain a certain situation. Please be more specific. By explaining your scenario to a 3rd party for problem solving, diagnostic etc, stating the pronoun won’t help.

You will hear people mentioning, “They are not working”, “He had escalated”, “She is waiting for  tickets”…..

People listening to this will be very puzzled.

Who is this “they”? Who is this “he” or “she” etc.

Be more specific, state the name, title, organization etc. Be as specific as possible.

This applies to a written message too.

Gone are the days that the pronoun is used throughout.

If there is no elaboration on the subject, no one can follow the message that you are trying to convey.

Everyone is busy.

Listeners do not have much time to pay attention to help you on the they, he, she.

If you need instant answer, you will need to be elaborate in your narrative.

If you provide general question, you will get general answer. Period. I don’t think you want a general answer too.

I take an effort to be more specific, creating 1-page document to explain everything. This will gives no room for people to raise any queries. I aim to make the document self explanatory.

However, many people are impatient to listen to more. They find it too narrative.

Contrary, without explanation, the listeners will dig further to find out more if they want to help. For those who don’t bother to help, they will not want to help you sincerely.

Are you specific in your narrative? If not, in my opinion, please try and be more specific.


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