Project HandOver

Project HandOver

batonOnce a project is closed, project team will needs to handover to the operational team. Unfortunately, some operational folks will try their means, not to take over from the project team. They find that the operational team needs a clean successful error-free fully deployed services/ products prior taking over.


Trust your heart, not all projects can closed beautifully. There are times that the project will have bit and pieces of leftovers that need patching, touch-up. However, it does not affect the overall project closure. The agreed project scope was achieved, within budget, within timeline. There is no reason why the Operational not taking over.


Like it or not, the operational team will still have to takeover from the project team. In some sensitive projects, once the products/ services are delivered, the service level agreement (SLA) will kicks in. Thus the Operational team will have to jump in and handle the case. The Operational folks can seek advice from the project team, how they carried out the tasks/ activities during the project delivery stage. Or they can refer to the documentation that the Project team drafted.


Of course, the project teams don’t try to be funny and not help out the operational team. Helping the operational team will alleviate the project team to move on to the next project. Thus give a helping hand is always desired. You never know that the same operational team member may be taking over from your next project.

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