Recognition Level – Sell Yourself or Be Judged

Recognition Level – Sell Yourself or Be Judged

I appreciate all the positive comments that are streaming in.  It encourages me to share more on the blog. Having mentioned in my previous message on project recognition.

Some people just like to boast about their work performances / achievements. They would just constantly boast to the peers about his outstanding work.

Whatever good things, he will there to claim the credit. He will also be there to blame others if anybody commits any assignment mistake.

I am sure you have someone in your circle of friends and cohort that behave the same manner.

There are 2 sides of the coin in looking at this matter.

Regular boasting will imprint his good work in people’s mind even though he had not really performed a good work. Some peers had not done a good job in the assignment. In order to avoid the blame from others, he will comment on his past achievements for various moments.

This way he is creating a smoke screen for others and hoping people will forget his mistakes and better still, his achievements are remembered. Subconsciously, he anchored to others that he is good in his work. He is also trying to prove his management so as to win a seat in the next promotion.

On other hand, in order to prove others you are really good. You don’t have to tell others or broadcast everyone that you are good. Instead letting others to know you are good through your performance result and letting others to say you are good and that is an art. Not many people can achieve. Many people will sell or promote themselves vigorously. Of course there are no right and wrong in both approaches.

You seldom see any artist comment that they can performed well. Their efforts are normally recognized in those Awards, such as Oscars, Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, MTV Music Awards, and Country Music Awards. etc. And the artists are judged by external panel not by him or her.

If you are good, you will be rewarded. You won’t tell the world that you are good to obtain the award.

Lesson Learned: Certain level of recognition is good and is a push factor to lift up one’s motivation and spirit. To prove your performance, there is a need to balance in your achievements declaration. However, if you will to use your achievement to cover your mistakes, then it does not make you a better person. In fact you are still dwelling onto the same mistake and tendency will commit it again.

If you have done a good job, it’s alright to boast your achievements but not for too long. Use the good result/ achievements to boost yourself and learn the mistake that you had made as lesson learns. These lessons learn will act as an improvement in the next assignment. Let others to judge you not you sell yourself.

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