Lesson Learned in Interviewing Candidates

Lesson Learned in Interviewing Candidates

I happened to interview some candidates for the position of a Project Coordinator.

There were 2 unique candidates in this interview session.

Both of the candidates resigned their previous job without securing a new position.
Thus their notice period is immediately available.

Candidate 1
She is a young lady of 26 years old. We had arranged for a 10am morning interview session.

While the interview panel (including myself) is waiting anxiously at the meeting room.
The candidate called and said that she will be few minutes late for the interview.

However, she took more than 20 minutes to arrive the meeting room.
The first impression was already discounted. Her punctuality had gave her away.
Out of grace, maybe she was caught in the traffic.

Thus we started the interview.
The moment we sat down, the candidate immediately took out a piece of paper from her handbag.
It seems like she is trying to read from her prepared script and not stating the true fact.
Each time a question was given to her, she seems to be looking onto that piece of paper for inspiration.

Being a NLP trained, I looked at her eyes while she speaks.
Her eye contact was floating and she had been moving her eyes all over the place. Looking upwards, sideways and downwards.  It gave me the impression that she is making up facts and trying to say somethings to please the interview panel.

After the whole interview session, the panel evaluated and feedback that she is not ready for the position.

Candidate 2

After the last incident in the morning,the interview panel had started to be more watchful.
The next candidate had overcome the impression of punctuality

Panel discovered that she had started her career for the last 10 years in the same company, from a entry level admin clerk till the position of HR Admin Manager.
She had given the panel the impression that she knows what she is doing and she presented herself well.

Not having discussed further, the panel cut short the session.

Comparing the 2 interview candidates performance.
The panel had decided to shortlist the second candidate and offer her the position.

Lessons Learned:

  • First impression really last if both parties are meeting for the first time.
  • Know what you are saying and be confident of yourself.
  • Do not be late for any important meeting

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