iPhone 4 not sounding off on the New Year day

iPhone 4 not sounding off on the New Year day

What lessons have you learned from the recent iPhone 4 not able to sound off alarm on the New Year day?

It is the same scenario that it happened on the year 2000. System time is not able to transit the current time to the next period. system has to be manually manipulated the system. Many applications that depend on this timing feature are not able to function properly. Multi-million of dollars were lost then.

Backup your data at the end of the year. Diligently.

I know it’s a holiday season especially in December and everyone is off guard on all these critical items during year end. They were busy shopping for present or gifts for friends, relatives. However, if you have backed up your computer data regularly, you can really then safely go and play to your heart content anytime.

Once the data is gone, you are literally lost in your own world. No one can really help you.

Core computer applications can be re-installed anytime but the data is priceless and not retrievable once gone. All the brainstorming and hard work are gone down to the drain. Your old precious documents are lost, photos are deleted forever. If anything happens to your machine such as virus attack, system corrupted, there is no 2-way back and retrieve the old data.

Lessons Learnt: Backup your precious computer regularly. Have a back-up routine schedule. Do conduct the backup exercise diligently. Either backup your data once or twice a month. If you are cautious over your masterpiece, then you can practice to backup your data once a week. No matter what, information is the key to your business or operation.

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