Wealth is…

Wealth is…

Wealth means different things to different people. For some people, wealth means big cars, big houses and anything that makes you look and feel good. For some, it means long term financially security. What is your definition of Wealth?

In order to create wealth, we need to first understand what wealth is. Wealth can be categorized as “the period you can survive ahead if you stop work tomorrow”.

Think about it: how many days can you survive forward if you stop working tomorrow (without selling your assets)? What would your answer be?

Most of you would probably say 60 – 180 days. Some may be lucky enough to say a few years perhaps.

If we agree on this definition of wealth, then the answer for a truly wealth person would be INIFINITY.

True wealth is when you can say, “If I were to stop work tomorrow, I can survive forever.

The money will come from somewhere, somehow and I do not have to work for the rest of my life.”

You will probably say, “Yes, I want to have a true wealth!” we want to be able to stop working and still enjoy our lives without worrying about where the money will be coming from the next month.

Wouldn’t this be great and ideal?

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