It’s The WAY You Lead That Makes You A Good Leader

It’s The WAY You Lead That Makes You A Good Leader

In a society where individualism is valued so highly, it’s no wonder that there are so few really good leaders.

“Many leaders focus on getting results at the expense of the very people getting the results.”

I have a real problem with the belief that being the boss means you can get results by treating people with disrespect by yelling, humiliating, and embarrassing them, and if they don’t like it they can find another job. What? Why should the “victim” have to find another job? I think it’s time that this barbaric way of thinking ends.

People spend too much time in their jobs, just trying to make a difference, to allow this type of treatment from a “boss.” There is no justification or excuse for it. None.

It is the duty of the leader to ensure that each person is treated with respect and dignity. It is the right for everyone to pursue happiness unobstructed by bad leaders. Leadership in business is not about giving people directions, it is about helping people achieve the extraordinary.

Do share any scenario, if you have ever encounter or come across a really good leader.

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