Success is the result of many failures.

Success is the result of many failures.

Without many failures, you are not sure how to proceed with the success.

Albert Einstein attempted and tried 9,999 times of various types of failures in order to move forward with the last test to come out the light bulb invention.

Albert had said that he had found 9,999 ways of not able to invent a bulb.
However, without all his past lessons learned, he was not able to come out the final invention.
Today, we are treating this invention as if that it is a given item.

There are many lessons learned in every possible things. If you learned from the mistakes that you had attempted.

In the Internet Marketing world, there are many millionaires. However, they do not become rich overnight. They have to go through many trials and errors before they are successful.

Similarly, every people needs to learn from their mistakes and pick up the precious lessons and move on.

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