4 Types of Project Team Member

4 Types of Project Team Member

There are few types of member characteristics during the course of my project management journey.

Understand the different working style and hope you can manage them well.


Always Report Achievement

Some team members are eager to proof what they have achieved. The member worked hard on his assigned task. He will sure to report the progress even though he is still working on the task.

Needless to say, once the task is completed, he is first to report his achievement to the team. This member wants recognition, and want project team to know that he could complete task on time quickly.


Keep Absolute Silent

The second group is those members who kept absolutely quiet when they are assigned with the task. He will take the responsibility of the task assignment and kept working quietly on the task.

You will not hear anything from him till the deadline is drawing near. He will inform you once he had completed the assigned task.


This group of members is dangerous. You do not know the progress.

It is either they are working on the project. Or they face problems and not report the challenges faced.


Empty Promises

Some team members like to boast on their achievements. The will claim they can do everything.

Ask them to perform and showcase their result. There will be no response, full of reasons and excuses for the delay.

Remember someone once said.. “Always Over Delivered and Under Promised” not the other way round. Be careful of such group of members.

Normally, I will ask this group of members to show proof their result periodically. I will then be able to know their progress. Once they had proven they can delivered what they promised, I will monitored them loosely. However, still got to track their performance closely/


Always Push to Tomorrow

There are some project team members always very busy. He will not respond to your request. The moment you ask him for status, he will inform you the result will be out the next day. There is always tomorrow or end of the week.

Thus, I will send them reminders and broadcast to all team about their delays. And inform them regularly that their outputs will be someone’s input. They will depend heavily on their output.


What kind of such members exists in your team?

Do you know how to manage such resource if you have such member in your team?



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