Project Manager Communication Patterns

Project Manager Communication Patterns

Many project managers that I know are having some similar symptoms. They will give you the end solutions or results to the project team. They will expect the project team member to derive their own strategies, steps to come out the solution.

In my opinion, this will only be alright if the team member is proficient enough to derive their own logical result. Some team member is well-versed in their doings and knows exactly what is required. This kind of team member normally is the self-motivated type.

On the other hand, not many team members know what is really required. Although they know the end result, they would also want to learn and know what would be the ideal way to achieve/ meet the project manager’s requirement. They would prefer to be fed with more than sufficient information.

Lesson Learned: Come out a checklist sheet, list down all the necessary activities that needs to be done for the task. Even any new team member who takes over will quickly understand how to precede with the project activities. Some project manager will think that this is too cumbersome. Might as well, the project manager do themselves. However, if you want absolute result from the team member, a strong documentation is required or else communication is a big issue. Assuming passing a technical message between 2 different nationalities of team member will cause some language barrier.

Imagine you are in an organization that has high and frequent turnover rate. What will be your project management style be? Many project managers come from various backgrounds. There were some Project Managers that worked in the same organization for 10 years. There are some Project Managers who have been around in many organizations and see different management style. There is no right and wrong style of managing a project. However, it’s the experience and exposure of a person that cultivates his unique project management style.

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