Is Project Communication Important

Is Project Communication Important

Inter department is not communicating to one another.

Each individual department creates their own silo database system.
In fact, such system information is useful to other department but was not shared across.

Analyst department creates a system to record the various component of an equipment.
Supply Chain creates a similar system to monitor the stocks level for individual equipment.
The project management team will use these good data to schedule the deployment strategy.
For project planning, the team can start deploying sites that has the full equipment on hand.

The project team is able to inform the client what are the possible stock level available and
how much to deploy to the client. How much time is needed to wait for the accessories to be delivered.

Unfortunately, there is an internal communication not being carried out thus every department will creates their own system. Thus the project management team will have to visit 2 different department for similar queries.
This causes much time been wasted and not able to utilize the time for other project activities.

Thus the company do not have a consistent information and not able to support the external clients instantly.

Have you come across such a scenarios previously?

How do you resolve?
What is your suggestion?

Please a comment if you have such encounter.


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