Be Professional in Your Words During Meetings

Be Professional in Your Words During Meetings

Be Professional, use positive words to one another, especially in business settings.
Do not use negative words. Never.

Have you ever seen or heard negative words uses by people?

In business meetings, all things are recorded in minutes.

In certain meetings where media is invited, every negative words / actions will be filmed, recorded and magnified.
It won’t be beneficial for the person to utter such negative words.

Everyone is equal. If you don’t receive good service from that person, don’t have to give negative comments.

You can change the person, seek the higher management to relinquish the person duties.

The world is round and moving. There will be a day that the words used will be recycled onto you.
Be careful what words you used.

I won’t have high respect for such people, even he is a senior management or a customer.
Words like “I am pissed off”, “You better wake up your idea”, “Fxxk Off”.

Within your vocabulary, can’t you think of better phrase to use, like: “not happy”, “not comfortable”.
No matter how frustrated you are with the person or the service received, you should not used negative words.

It does not elevate the situation. In fact, it gives people a bad impression on you.

If you want to be treated as a professional, act like a professional.
If you want to be treated like a sub-graded, you will be granted surely.

Relationship will soar even though you apologize. Words uttered are not retractable.


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