Leader Listens, Members Talk

Leader Listens, Members Talk

A leader is a good listener more than a speaker.

If a leader keeps talking and not listening to the team members issues.
Then the project issues will stick with the project without any solutions, suggestions.

As a leader, you ought to listen. Be it you are a project manager, department head, or a member of the senior management. Of course, not every one likes to hear bad news. If there are no bad news and just a rosy news all times. You never know that the issues are swept under the carpet.

When team member voices their concerns, let them complete what they have to say. As a leader, you don’t interject them. You must have the patience to listen. Many leaders tends to interject others when you feel things are not right.
Each time a team member voices out their opinion, leader interjects and overwrite their air-time. You are indirectly making the team members to building a defence wall when they raise any issue.

Many a times, leaders start to interject when someone is speaking halfway thus the issues is no way near to “resolvement”.

After a few similar encounters, no body will raise any concerns or issues. Basically, their views are not heard. Each time when the issues are raised, the leader shoots it down.

Possible suggestions
As a leader, you need to learn to have listening skills. Not many people can master this especially when you think you can. Many Corporate leaders hear to rebuke and comment. They did not listen to comprehend the situation and strategize.

A leader is patience to listen to their team voices.
Sometimes, a member needs to have a listening ear. Team members may have bright ideas that leader like you have not think of. You are not on the ground to handle the technical stuffs. They are. They would have better ways to and want to voice out for as suggestions. But the idea was gunned down each time they raise the suggestions. Thus a more efficient approach or idea could be just swept away.

As a leader, there are more things to master. Not because you are appointed to be the manager or leader and then you can ignore the team members opinions & suggestions. More of the time, a leader listens more than he needs to do.
It is a skill that everyone should have.

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