Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

Everyone is busy and tied down with many projects at work.

Some project resources will clear their annual leave to go for their vacation or travel for business and not be in office.
As a Project Manager, you discovered that the project will be stalled, if there are no backups during the absence.

Resources tend to sneak away. They will inform their functional supervisor and not informing the project manager. When Project Manager knew about this and asked for backup during his/her absence, the project resource replied there is none.

This situation happens very often when the team matrix is lean and this particular resource is heavily engaged in few critical projects. Suddenly, this critical stakeholder goes on leave or vacation. As a project manager, one possible approach is to seek for alternate backup.

As a project manager, he always needs to always think of contingency and backup plan.

Alternatively, sought the resource’s superior to engage an alternate backup to cover himself during his absence.

No matter how much the resource prepared before his leave. There are always some ad-hoc issues to be resolved thus it is good to have a backup during the absence.


  • Foster team work in between the members
  • There is no lag of resource
  • Knowledge sharing / transfer will takes longer.
  • The backup resource is not well versed of the actual person doings.


  • The same resource had been taking care of the whole proceedings and he know the whole case well. A new person takes over, the project team will have to adjust the working style and also to transfer the entire history to the new backup resource.
  • Time consuming and lots of efforts will be used.

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