Job Interview with Case Studies

Job Interview with Case Studies

It has been a recent trend and have been validated by my recent surveys.

Many organizations are starting to use case studies to interview candidates. Questions and answers are no longer the main focus.

Hiring managers do not trust or believe totally what the candidates say verbally in the interview session.

The hiring manager or interviewer would like to see how the candidate performs with a given project simulated scenario. They want to see during your presentation, how you perform and react to a project scenarios.

Recently, a student of mine went for a job interview.

1st round was a phone interview and he managed to pull through. He was then invited to proceed for the next interview. Prior putting down the phone, he was asked to do a presentation on the next interview, with a given scenario.

Given a few days of preparation, my student had to present as if like a real project scenario. Doing case studies knowledge research, putting the necessary details into the presentation materials and so forth.

During the 2nd interview, hiring manager observes your materials and also how you plan the project, how you present the proposal, how you react to situations, and so forth.

This kind of interview session tests the candidate his real capability and knowledge. And also what is the candidate project management style. Though this kind of interview gives substantial pressure to the candidates. However, this really draws the strength and weakness of a candidate.

Though case studies interview may not be common for now. I am sure there are already organizations practicing it.
And I am believe this trend will climb and it will be a norm in future.

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