Find Your FOCUS

Find Your FOCUS

“Distraction is the enemy of success, so don’t worry other fascinating but less productive things to divert you from your mission.”

Remember to FOCUS

“FOCUS” is such a small word but it has a powerful impact. They key is to never lose sight of your purpose and always return to your plan.

Follow Your Plan

When you find yourself getting off track, go back to your written plan. I’ve learned that visual aids can really help keep you on track; they remind you of your ultimate goal, and why you need to finish. That old cliché, “Out of sight, out of mind,” is often true! Keep your plans in clear view as constant reminder of where you want to go be. I have a picture of my dream car on my refrigerator at home and on my desk at work. I’ve mapped out how I plan to pay for my new vehicle and when I can make it happen.

Organize your day but leave time for situations and circumstances that inevitably arise. You may not be able to control every occurrence, but at least you can control how you handle them. Stay organized makes you a better manager of your time and gives you power to reach for your dreams. Try establishing a goal relates back to your original plan. In an eight-hour day, that’s eight steps toward accomplishing your dream. Don’t have a free eight-hour day? Remember, not all strides need to be huge leaps. What can you accomplish in part of that time? Send an email? Call a contact? Small steps can take you great distances.

Condition yourself to go the distance. Make sure that you don’t burn yourself out doing too much of nothing while never achieving something. When you are physically fir and mentally sound, it makes reaching your goals that much easier. Your journey should exhilarate you, not exhaust you to the point that you’re too tired to compete. Opportunity sometimes only knocks once, so make sure you’re always alert, fit and ready for the challenges ahead.

Underplay underestimation. When you underestimate your potential, you set yourself up to fail. Don’t allow others to make you doubt your abilities. Now is the time for you to stretch – you will be amazed at the results.

I remember the first time I had to think on my feet during a meeting. I was out in a business meeting. I was out of my comfort zone, but I got through it, and I found myself eagerly volunteering for more off-the-cuff responses. Fear tends to be our first reaction to new situations. But to overcome the fear of inadequacy you have to try something so that you can amaze yourself with unexpected abilities.

Strategize. Sometime you may have to go back to the drawing board and revise your plan. Strategizing you next move in almost any situation in life is critical. It’s important to understand that making hasty moves can be hazardous to your career, friendships, goals and sometimes even your health. So rewrite your plan when necessary, and always be flexible enough to change direction. Thinking ahead of the game is critical.

Focus can bring tremendous power. Without it, you will often feel drained and unable to accomplish much. With it you will find that your talents and abilities gain direction and intentionality. And those qualities pay off by producing results.

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