Detailed Project Planning using: Who – What – When

Detailed Project Planning using: Who – What – When

A project manager needs to answer the common 3W’s question for planning. They are
• Who
• What
• When

Who is responsible for the activities or the assigned task? Put down a name. Do not put down a team’s name. A specific resource name is required. This is also the accountability related. If there are any activities not carried out properly or not in timely fashion. A specific name is easily identified.

What is to be carried out? What are the specific project assignments or task so that a resource is needed to perform. Does this resource have the necessary knowledge in carrying out the activities? If this resource is facing issue(s), can he escalate the issues to his matrix head or anybody experienced in that subject matter.

When the assigned task needs to be completed? A project task always does have a definite timing to complete a task. If there is no time constraint, then this project activity will be a normal Business As Users (BAU) request.
Once the above W‘s are met, the project manager will just have to manage and monitor the situations. And aim to mitigate those risks and issues from surfacing.

In addition, once the above W‘s are achieved, then the project duration, tasks are identified.


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