Communication Cycle

Communication Cycle

What is a Communication?

Communication is a message transmits from Point A to Point B in a medium (environment). The cycle is only complete when Point B responds to Point A that he/she receives the signal.

Many people nowadays are very well informed of the current affairs because of the advanced technologies. They just switch on their computer and head to the popular search engines. Click on the topic and tons of information will fly in. Thus people are knowledgeable. They are willing to voice out their opinion.

More and more people are willing to speak up. Thus if there is any information they find that is debatable. They will start to speak up. Thus one way of communication is no longer the mode. The communication cycle have not even finish, the response already kicks in.

Thus a complete communication cycle always take plenty of planning and execution.

In a classroom environment, the teacher will transmit the knowledge from his/her perspective down to the students. Teachers will ensure the students understanding the topics by asking the students to perform some exercise so as to ensure they understand. The act of exercise could be a form of responding to the communication cycle.

In an office environment, taking email for this scenario, communication cycle begins when sender mails out information to the other party. If the recipient did not respond, sender will get worried and excited. Communication cycle has suddenly paused.

Remember communication is not complete until the recipient responds.

Thus the sender will tick the delivery receipt option; read receipt option and whatever means to ensure the recipient get to open up the sender’s mail. Alternatively, sender will picks up the phone and contact the recipient to reinforce the sending signal had been received.

If you are the sender, please do some actions to ensure the recipient responds to the message. If you are the message recipient, please help the other party to complete the communication cycle. In a mail, just respond to the sender that the message was received and actions will be followed shortly kind of similar message back to sender.

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