Communication with Technologies

Communication with Technologies

Have you discover there are many people are using either an Android, iPhone, iPad, Smartphones or something of that sort. You can see such scenes everywhere in the shopping mall, schools, bus-stands, tube, trains and even crossing roads.

There is an over used of smart phones that no personal communication relationship is present.

Young children and adults are busy indulging into the use of smart phones. Young children play games on the phone. Teens are busy messaging telling their friends the latest parties, outings, latest trends, fashion etc. Adults are busy with their phones on the business emails or surfing web.

Where does communication lie? Human Relationship is less emphasized. They are so well versed with technologies that they had forgotten the gist of communication. Many people will treat technologies is a form of communication.

In my opinion, not many people know how to communicate nowadays.
Instead of having a personal face-to-face conversation, many people sort to emails, short messaging.
Take a scenario: Can you ask your friend, can he remember his spouse’s contact number.

Chances are he is not able to remember the number and has to refer to the smartphones or the address book.

I am not opposing the use of technologies. However, face to face communication is the best form. You can instantly get the response from the other party. Sometimes, people will give you the answer by looking at their body language.

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