Before You Comment, Think Before Opening Your Mouth

Before You Comment, Think Before Opening Your Mouth

Before you comment negatively on others. Consider first, are you qualified and certified to give that comment?

I am sure you had read somewhere that, if you are using a finger to point out and comment others. However, do you know that there are 3 other fingers are pointing back at you in return.

Words are powerful. It hurts and is a direct and indirect killer. Start thinking before you open your mouth and comment at others.

Direct killer because you are hurting someones feeling and emotion.
Indirect killer is because you are going to win NO respect from others when you comment negatively.

Be gentle with others. Everyone is created imperfect and unequal.
Experiences and exposures are different for all. Everyone is looking at things from various angles.

It is difficult to please everyone.

Whenever you see something incorrect, use gentle positive words to comment and feedback. Recipients will not be affected emotionally, use constructive feedback instead.

There is no reason to use harsh words to comment, you use strong words to comment and condemn others.
Can you imagine, what will happen if other people uses the same comments at you. Won’t you be affected?

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