Work versus Hobbies

Work versus Hobbies

Work today is so stressful. Even if you have a job,
the work is almost pushing you to the walls.

Many organizations are reducing budget
on the staffs hiring. Thus there are little resources
to do the pile of work.

– Are you grueling at your 9-5 job ?
– Are you facing tons of unfinished backlogs?
– What about facing an unreasonable boss that keeps nagging at you

If there is any error in the task, boss will nag at you. Boss gives deadline to finish your assignment.
Though you try hard and excel in your office work. Your boss tells this is your basic requirement to fulfill the job. ….OMG

After being in the corporate world for almost 20 years, discovered it does not pay to get a work unappreciated.
You would rather work for something and yet pays me well like working for your hobbies, things I like.

At least the hobbies provide a route to excel. If I can excel in my hobbies, like communication, project management. I can become a consultant and share my experiences with others. Won’t it be great that I get paid while I am doing my hobbies.

Recently, I met a young lady.  She was at the cross-road of choosing her career now. She studied psychology, works in marketing and like to mix around with people. She was pondering what to focus on her career: To dwell into marketing, her psychology area or a job that allowed her to mix around. Because she is young while we spoke, she has many choices to choose, thus is now in dilemma stage.

My sharing to her was to do anything that interests you. Your interest and the pleasure to stay in a job will push you further if you like it. It will be a drag if you are working on something that you do not like.

I was informed that a person’s will go through a minimum of 2 big career moves. You will do something that you like after graduation. Example, working in I.T.  You will work your way up to the highest title, position you can achieve. And once you have sufficient experiences, say after 15-20 years, you will be changing to another career.
I am not referring to career instead of jobs.
You may change jobs within that 15-20 years within the same career.

However, after 20 years of experiences, you may want to change your career path to other industry, say consulting.
Use your 1st career experience to enhance on your 2nd career path.

On the nutshell, you got to like what your work. It will be so much better if it is your hobbies. Say a computer geek to a consultant. Learning to assemble parts to form a workable computer. Work in I.T. area till you can share your experience to others.

What do you think? Leave your feedback and comment.

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