What to look for in an employer?

What to look for in an employer?

What transforms a company from a “nice place to work at” to a “great place to work at”?

Whether you are a fresh graduate in search of an internship, or a seasoned professional after a new challenge, securing a role of your desire goes far beyond the job description. Here are a few traits you should look for in an employer.

Work-Life balance

The buzzword of the corporate world. The ability to make plans on a work day (and see them through) may seem a given to some, while to others- nothing more than a pipe dream. The occasional overtime is unavoidable, and should be approached as such, but if you find that your hours at the office are becoming increasingly excessive and you are having to make unreasonable sacrifices over your personal life, then maybe it is time to look elsewhere.

Opportunities for growth

Is there a clear path for progression embedded within your company? Career development should take up a significant portion of your considerations. Find a company that invests in you as you do them.


Having leadership figures who mentor,  advise, and encourage their employees along the way not only benefits the company but also the role execution of new employees. Plus, it is always a welcome bonus to have like-minded individuals you can trust and look to for guidance when you need it.

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