Time versus Wealth

Time versus Wealth

Time is life and there are 3 main stages in our lives.

When we are young and still under 25 years of age, we all have our dreams.
As we grow up, we are taught that if we want to be successful, we have to work hard.

We see our parents working very hard.
Our teachers tell us that if we want to do well, we need to study hard.
It is no wonder for many people, life becomes very hard.

As we grow older, our dreams start to fade and become more distant.
Dreams become less possible and seem harder to achieve and as time goes by, some of us begin to give up on them.
When you are 25 and you are out there working, reality begins to set in.

We see some of our friends becoming rich and they do not seem to have to work hard.
We console ourselves by saying, “They must be lucky”.
We begin to question ourselves: why is this happening and what went wrong?
We get demotivated and we do our job mechanically: we wake up in the morning, go to work, eat, sleep, wake up, and go back to work.

The cycle repeats itself. If we do well in a job, we get a pat on the back but if we do not, we get kicked in the butt.
We just continue to exist.
We live pass time, having nothing to look forward to except our upcoming retirement.

Ask yourself: How can you expect to achieve greater heights if you do not change what you are doing now?
The greatest insanity is to do the same thing every day and expect different results.
If we want a change in life, we must change our life.

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