Remote Project Management

Remote Project Management

In remote project management, your team is located on site while you are away from the actual location. Many things are not visible and beyond your control.

Thus you have to depend on the local team to help in monitoring the progress. In order to be on the fore front of every project activities; project manager can try the following methods.

–          Take down pictures of every milestone, weekly or any interval

–          Regular & constant communication such as phone calls, meetings, emails, meeting minutes, reports etc

In remote project management, the ideal communication method is to have a regular phone calls with the team members. Through such ways, you will get the necessary details from the on-site team over whatever things are happening.

Remote project management do not have any visibility on the actual ground of what is happening. Project Manager cannot execute regular site visit, site inspection or no visual aspect on the project completeness and quality.

The only tools a Project Manager has its relationship between project sponsor. However, if the project sponsor is also on-site, then he might visit the site. If project sponsor finds any problem, he will ignore and surpass the project manager in the communication channel.

If Project Manager cannot handle those on-site issues, thus what so significance that a remote project manager that can do to handle the local situation.

The creditability a project manager has in a project are

– project manager’s firm completion schedule
– communication
– stakeholders’ management
– project costing

If Project Manager is not well versed with all these basic skills or tools, remote project management might be a steep learning curve.

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