Project Planning

Project Planning

Having an idea on how to implement and the actual physical implementation are two different things. Project Manager will have to plan for the various things. I have to understand the project requested scope, form up the project team and understand the actual requirement. I need to quickly put on my planning hat and start to plan the details to deliver the project.

“Henry Gantt” is considered to be the forefather of project management, as his planning and organizing methods with the use of the “bar charts” as a project management tool recognizes him as the foremost precursor for contemporary project management practices employed today.

Sometimes the sheer size of a project can be daunting and make the task seem just too difficult. Thinking of the project as a large task that cannot be broken down can sometimes put Project Manager off getting started, and also makes it harder for project manager to sustain the motivation because it seems overwhelming. Planning and organizational skills are essential for success. You may have yourself some writing material. Once you come across any brilliant new thoughts, ideas, you can jot down every detail quickly.

As a project manager, the 3 main components that need to identify are very crucial.
They are the

  • Project Scope,
  • Project Budget, and
  • Project Timeline or Schedule.

Once these 3 items are identified, it will be easy to move the project ahead.

Remember the golden 6 P’s tip:

Proper Pre Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Proper Pre Planning Promotes Perfect Performance

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