PMP Candidates Queries

PMP Candidates Queries

1. Go through
2. Download a copy of the Exam Content Outline (ECO) from the link above

3. According to PMI, candidates are recommended to attend a 35-hour training course. Ideally an Instructor-led.
4. Apply for the PMP exam.
5. Attempt questions for revision and also to test your proficiency.
6. Pass the exam.
7. Congratulate and Celebrate

If you need further clarifications, you can DM me for more details. 

All the Best to Your PMP Journey.
Thanks. 😀


By 2021, PMI had reduced significantly on testing candidates on the calculation questions. Topics like

  1. Earned Value Management. There are hardly any questions on these topics to seek candidates to use formulas for calculation.
  2. Schedule Management – Again, there is a reduced amount of questions seeking candidates to draw out the network diagram
  3. Input, Tools & Techniques, Outputs (commonly known as ITTO)
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